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The main scientific tool of after-postmodern: computation, cybernetics, the digital world...

Probably the most important scientific product of the Postmodern Period was computation and its derivatives. 
Nonetheless, although computation was the climax of Postmodern, it was also one of the main tools of its end.
We can take any exemple of hard sciences, biological sciences or human sciences and we will see the deep influence of computation. We can even think of a library or any archive, and that influence is very important to find a new level of technic, scientific method and understanding of the world and the human being.
Paradoxically, when we get to such a level it becomes to be more dangerous to the limits of mankind and to ethics.
In the 20th century, maybe the nineties would be completely different if there was not something like computation...and the postmodern era would not go down...
The digital world provided the conditions to the traps of the free market and at same time the conditions to surveillance over it.
George Orwell wrote in the modern times a prophetic book about the postmodern era: “1984”.
But now “The Big Brother” is more than ever over everyone...
And that is a paradox of After-postmodern: the digital world can free  - as the universality of the cell phone, or other comunications and information - and can be a new kind of jail...
Well, anyway, computation was one of the main propellers of the After-postmodern world.

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