domingo, 20 de dezembro de 2015

Is there ambiguity about the after-postmodern environmental issues?

The post-modern efficiency is gone with the end of the 20th century.
At those days environmental issues had been seen as “dreamer issues”.
The efficiency of those days was good enough to look at the environmental issues as something not useful, against the progress, even with some international agreement about it.
Nowadays, the world look for new efficiencies, the world has much more scientific knowledge than before, environmental issues does not seem so unrealistic.
Nevertheless, some ambiguity is still around…
We see new agreements, too much talking, but we feel yet something insecure in the air…
Is this ambiguity an ironical “residual matter” of post-modern era? Or it can be a signal of new ways to solve the environmental matter?
We do not have the answer for while…