terça-feira, 24 de setembro de 2013

After-postmodern “Pax”

On the apex of the Roman Empire, it was created the expression “Pax Romana” meaning the roman way to establish world peace under roman rules, mixing army strength and some level of tolerance with the local cultures. Pax Romana built concrete and symbolic bridges among several European e beyond cultures that resulted in some roots for many modern states and nations.
After the Roman Empire, other models of world peace came under different historical moments. Now, when we live a transition from Postmodern to After-postmodern times, we do not know yet what is going to be the new model "of and for world peace".

It seems that the After-postmodern “Pax” configures a new pattern of tools, a new paradigm of relation among peoples; now the main tools are becoming the dialog and the courage to go back and forth all the times necessary to practice more dialogs and more understanding. It is not easy and simple because weapons are still roaring, but we see that it something new is happening between war and peace in the world…