sexta-feira, 25 de outubro de 2013

Why some (not so old) tools do not work anymore?

The cycles in nature, in history, are inevitable. Even now, that we know about it, we can discuss about it, it is inevitable. There are forces in nature, and even in human history, that are beyond rationality and predictability.
In true, emotionality rules the world. We think that Science is pure rationality and so we have the illusion that rationality puts Science on the highest level of knowledge; at the same time Science puts rationality on the highest level of knowledge, denying emocionality...
Maybe this concept could be an assertion in the apex of postmodern times, the nineties of the 20th century. The pragmatism of that assertion worked very well, apparently. But under a Jungian vision, human life and human person have light and shadow. Emotionality works more in the shadows of unconscious, mainly when we think that rationality is the only domain of conscious, and emotionality is restrained to fleeting and consumerist pleasures.
In true, emotionality ruled the world ever. The question is what people did or what we do with emotionality.  In postmodern times, pragmatism, efficacy, objectivity made subjectivity only a space of consumerism. As Guattari said, when anyone do not take care of its own subjectivity, another one will domain it.
But something happened in the first decade of the 21st century and still continues. We are all in a “Macro Shift”, as said Erwin Lazlo. The tools of economic globalization did not work very well anymore.  
In after-postmodern times, respect for subjectivity may recover or even start new models of economy. Objectivity is necessary but it is not sufficient to embrace all sides of human being and human life.  We hear that “the stock market is nervous” or things like that, but that emotionality is only saw as a kind of “economic thermometer”, and the subjective side does not receive attention, except for the investor when he gets a myocardial infarction…
So maybe it is necessary create or find new tools, new paradigms, new correlations between rationality and emotionality, objectivity and subjectivity, all of that among human needs and dreams.