sábado, 9 de abril de 2016

Panama Papers and after-postmodern journalism

The investigative journalism focusing on the Panama Papers is a kind of after-postmodern journalism with more than 300 professionals around the world in a new kind of globalization, a globalization of transparency, a new step focusing on human values. Even discussions about “legal and illegal” things is part of a new after-postmodern exercise of citizenship.  

terça-feira, 5 de abril de 2016

Are “Panama Papers” signs of “Macroshift” and “After-Postmodern” Era?

The things now named as “Panama Papers” maybe were “normal”, or “regular”, or “not so important” in postmodern times when “pragmatism, efficiency and results” were the more important criteria of values. So, something has happened in the beginning of the 21st Century that is difficult to know exactly, but it seems an irreversible wave: the pendulum of history…
Among several crisis that show the end of old efficiencies, “Panama Papers” constitute a phenomena that has a kind of unpredictable “butterfly effect” over a once dreamt kind of globalization at the end of the 20th century…