quinta-feira, 15 de março de 2012

complexity, the third included and after-postmodern

The "third included" is another pillar of the Transdisciplinarity.
The complexity can open the door to the third included.
In the Aristotelian Logic we know the "third excluded". It is a logic conclusion about something that doesn't fit to an afirmation like "This man is John or is not John". There is not any other possibility. There is not a "third possibility". He is John, or he is not John.
But, with the third "included" it is possible to go beyond this paradox.
Basarab Nicolaescu use to explain it with the concept of Quantum in Physics, that is something that goes beyond the paradox that some elementary particles that seem to be matter and energy at the same time.
In the Postmodern Era the thinkers of Transdisciplinarity seemed to be just "dreamers" to many people.
In the After-Postmodern we can bring the idea of "third included" to the day by day...
There is a paradox that we live with every moment and we don't give attention.
We use to say that everybody is equal.
We also use to say that each person is unique and that there is not a person completely equal to another, even in the case of twins...
In the Postmodern Era of bipolarity and reductionism it was not accepted a "third way" in a deep sense.
But now bipolarity and reductionism doesn't bring solutions or answers. Maybe it is possible to embrace some paradoxes understanding a multilevel of Reality where de apparent impossible conciliation of a paradox can reach a solution.
Maybe this is a way to world peace in the after-postmodern.
Maybe this is a way to understand that even very important Science is not the only way to find answers to the deep questions of life...

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