quarta-feira, 22 de fevereiro de 2012

interdisciplinarity, transdisciplinarity and after-postmodern - Part 3

The current crisis needs multidisciplinary level with the opinion of specialists, but it needs also some approach in the interdisciplinary and transdisciplinary level. As we said before, in the "after-postmodern" the specialist is necessary but is not sufficient to achieve new ways to guide the crisis.
Transdisciplinarity has three pillars: different levels of reality; complexity; the "third included".
People are trying to deal with the crisis almost only and strictly in the level of the discipline of Economy.
Maybe other levels of knowledge can bring help to that discussion, as Philosophy, Sociology, Anthropology. Even "not official knowledge" could bring new models of thinking and deal with the problems.
So, as suggested by transdisciplinarity, if we see reality by and through several levels, maybe we can see new solutions for old problems.
Perhaps there is a third way between the polarity of "all or none" alternatives to solve the crisis.
At same time that mesures suggested by specialists are started, maybe activities that could reach people in local way and not just global, could help to find new ideas and actions.
Maybe people could have thousands of peaceful areopagus spread around the world where they could discuss the problems under the local conditions of their own cultural and social variables. 

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