quarta-feira, 29 de fevereiro de 2012

complexity, transdisciplinarity and after-postmodern

As we wrote, Complexity is the second pillar of the Transdisciplinarity. 
Transdisciplinarity has a "not reductionist" philosophy.
Complexity is a strong "not reductionist" tool.
We could say "anti-reductionist" instead of "not reductionist", but if we start to assume an attitude of "anti-this", "anti-that", we will end staying out of the transdisciplinary comprehension, and having a kind of reductionist position.
It is better to point a "positive opinion", or "what we are for" instead of acumulate a collection of "antis".
The Complexity is something that has a space to "the exceptions".
In the Post-modern philosophy, the exception is seen as a menace to "the rules". That is a fear of the exception, because "maybe the exception could become the rule".
But, in true the exception gives reason to the rule. There is exception because there is a rule and vice-versa.
Transdisciplinarity is not against the rule, but is not in the side of a kind of "a rulism" that doesn't give place to exceptions.
Without exception we "dehumanize"... If we give space to exception we humanize...

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