sábado, 2 de maio de 2015

Post-antibiotic era in After-postmodern

The World Health Organization publicized information about a new report named “Worldwide country situation analysis: Response to antimicrobial resistance”. The most part of countries in the world have no measures to diminish that cited resistance in what was called “post-antibiotic era”. The postmodern era in the second half of the 20th century was the “kingdom of antibiotics”. After penicillin, and other drugs, it was an enthusiasm about ending the major part of infectious diseases in a time of efficiency and pragmatism. In the sixties, Science established supposed years to decay of tuberculosis, malaria, et cetera, because it was success against smallpox, syphilis, and some diseases of childhood.  But in the end of the century, after HIV infections and no controlled use of antibiotics, among other factors, that certitude changed and now it is necessary to find new ways to deal with resistant bacteria and other microbial agents. So, it is one more evidence of the transition to an after-postmodern era…  

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