segunda-feira, 20 de abril de 2015

Post-crisis in After-postmodern?

For several reasons sometimes the media give “signals” that 2008’s crisis could be ending or even ended… Maybe those “signals” could mean a desire, or a vision focused in a specific point, or something else, or the end of the crisis…
As we are in a kind of “Macroshift”, as Ervin Laszlo said, maybe we are feeling waves coming and going, one of us is on an up age and other is on a down age, but the sea is full of complex and different waves at the same time.  An example of this complexity could be the market volatility. As Michael Spence wrote in Project Syndicate, sometimes the stock market seems to reveal that in a general way the economy is going better, but in true the volatility is in another baseline and so it doesn’t mean that the future is already stable.
The international economy in after-postmodern times is more complex than in any time before, and what we call “globalization” has new and variable meanings that are still in construction.  

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