sábado, 13 de dezembro de 2014

Overwhelming data and after-postmodern

In 1997, David Schenk published Data Smog, a book about the great amount of information on Internet that would reach a level that, instead of brings help, it would bring confusion and stress.  
In postmodern period there was enthusiasm with the possibility to easier achieve more and more data. The ‘information age’ was a common and very well accepted expression in those days. But, someone like Schenk had a notion of what that all was leading to. With the transition from postmodern to after-postmodern period efficiency of ‘easy data’ became ‘overwhelming data’ and ‘data smog’ became a usual expression appropriated to that situation.
And so, in after-postmodern times we must find ‘other efficiencies’… Big Data could be a way to select information. But ‘data smog’ refers also to media information…
In scientific information ‘text mining’ can be useful, but could be interesting to remember what Edgar Morin said about research. He makes an intriguing proposal: it is time to stop to neglect the regularly excluded data of research and start to put light on those excluded data and study them, submit them to research also.
By transdisciplinarity and complexity theory these paradoxical issues could be worked side by side.   

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