sexta-feira, 12 de dezembro de 2014

Cheap Oil, Expensive Nature, Complexity and After-postmodern

In the last years the expensive price of oil helped to think about alternative energy sources and to improve the practice of those possibilities. Nowadays the oil is cheaper and cheaper, achieving a level where sustainable sources of energy are becoming less interesting to profits. Someone is filling some kind of “come back” to decades ago; but now, Nature is demanding, charging other sorts of “profits” and pointing to a loss more complex then only money.
In after-postmodern times we need to use the tool of “complexity” to set paradoxical things such as all the sources of energy in a way that Nature could be respected and human being survives. Maybe we need now a pratice to manage “dissensus” instead of just wainting a “consensus” that is difficult to achieve in a short term.    

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