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Complexity and shadow archetype in after-postmodern - part 3

Complexity is about to not reduce the several human factors and conditions to just one or few.
Reductionism is a tendency to think that, for exemple, everything about human life could be reduced to biological factors or even to genes... The most commonly cited reductionisms are those one that concern to biology, or physics, or biochemistry, or other scientific field.
But reductionism can be related to any human activity.
When someone try to explain everything based on just one field of human knowledge, or human activity, it is also a reductionism.
Reductionism can bring difficulties to accept "the shadow archetype". Reductionists suppose to have solution for all problems just under their reductionist doctrine.
But mankind is complex...
When we talk about complexity, someone says that we need to simplify and not to "complexify"...
To open space to complexity is not to be against simplify, but it is embrace also the simplicity.
We can undestand complexity when we remember that each human being is more than the sum of each part of him or her. 
We can understand complexity when we understand that we never will know everything.
WE can understand complexity when we see that there is light and shadow in the world and inside each human being.
To apply complexity is also accept the shadow, embrace the shadow, and, by that way, do not give to the shadow the driving of our lives.
In modern and post-modern times mankind suffered under the strengh of the shadow. Maybe in after-postmodern times it is possible to better understand complexity and shadow...

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