domingo, 28 de outubro de 2012

Complexity and shadow archetype in after-postmodern – Part 2

The humankind always needed to deal with the shadow archetype.
The old traditions had and have several rituals to attenuate the strength of shadow over each person or over a community.
In the historical period of the Enlightment the thinkers supposed that with reason and knowledge someone could domain instincts and emotions. The Reason seemed to be superior to those two aspects of human life. But few time after the French Revolution the Terror took advantage over reason. Even the Revolution itself had some violent destruction of monuments expressing some rage from the shadow.
So, in XIX, XX and XXI centuries sometimes mankind lost control over the shadow…
Maybe some old rituals were good…
But mankind lost its linking to old and nurturing myths…
If we start to understand the shadow, to learn and study it, to exercise about it, maybe it is possible to achieve a new level of interaction among different cultures and different people.

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