domingo, 18 de dezembro de 2016

Is there an exit from the “exits”?

     Nowadays the so fashioned globalization of de postmodern acme in the end of the 20th century is under the strength of the unavoidable pendulum of history. Potentially there are several “exits” from the pattern of that kind of globalization, although it is not sure that all of them are going to happen. But, anyway it is a sign that big changes are coming. 
     Several factors are causing this situation. One is that people are, in some way, losing their roots, the binding to their collective archetypes. If the politicians do not understand it, they will find harder times to deal with important issues. So, it is a question of “meaning”. After the World Wars there was meaning for sacrifice. What are the “new meanings”? 
     Another condition is the answer to the question that the communities ask? “Who and what” we are? That “globalization” brought business and technology to the human communities, but what about their deep values and the “subjective belongings”? 
     Another problem is “subjectivity” itself, and together with it, the “intersubjectivity”. Where are gone the cultural “intersubjectivity” of people. Could the “objectivity” of postmodernity supply the absence of subjectivity?
     Until the politicians understand those issues, the desires for “exits” can come again and again. At same time people have the feeling that they need to find an exit from the “exits”, in a kind of a “third way” under new paradigms.  

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