terça-feira, 28 de junho de 2016

Crises, archetypes and after-postmodern...

     Historical crises are moments for archetype strengths to emerge.
     Archetypes are Jungian concepts that he got from the philosopher Plato about the supposed perfect ideas of things in an ideal world out from this one.
     For Carl Gustav Jung archetypes are psychological potentialities that everyone has to develop and live with building his own self. One common example is “the hero archetype” very studied by the anthropologist Joseph Campbell. Every human culture has heroes that help each one to develop certain characteristics of personality to face the problems of life.
     Since the last period of postmodern era, several people and nations were compelled by the rise of ancient and communal archetypes after the beginning of the most recent “globalization”.
    Nowadays it happens again in different directions and targets. Some nations want to be “more isolated”, some others want to bind to others, and so on…
   In after-postmodern times they are trying to find their own historical and cultural identities, individually and in common with their own people.
     There is no simple answer to this quest…     

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