sábado, 31 de outubro de 2015

Narrative Medicine is after-postmodern efficiency in healthcare

In the postmodern period of history, the advances in technology became the main way and objective in healthcare. So, anamnesis and physical examination were more and more let aside and almost ignored. It is important to recognize several achievements of that kind of thing. But, in human history, many times when we gain something, we lose something. That was the “trade” then in healthcare…
Nevertheless, in after-postmodern times, those efficiencies don’t work anymore. It is impossible to provide indifferently to everybody all kind of test without looking singularly to each person. It is not economically sustainable. Another thing is that when we look too much for the tests we lose the human contingencies or the human being as a whole. So, even the improvement of lifetime did not avoid the complaining of patients and health professionals about dehumanization in medicine. It seems that something is wrong, or something is missing…
Narrative Medicine is a way to recover something almost lost in health care, and beyond that it is a new paradigm. But, it is a paradigm inserted in Complex Thinking, Transdisciplinarity and the Singularity of Guattari. It is not an imposed paradigm, but a dialogical paradigm open to listening and discussion. It doesn’t deny the scientific advances but it situates them into the human context. 

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