quinta-feira, 22 de janeiro de 2015

After-postmodern and “metaglobalization”

Globalization of economy achieved its acme in the end of the 20th century, although some kind of global economy existed already as we can see for example with the international crisis of 1929.
Anyway, the so much praised “globalization” was that one of the pragmatic “postmodern period” and that is “a globalization” still in some way around… Nonetheless, with the end of the postmodern efficiency and the economic crisis going on, maybe the “main globalization” is the “net globalization” under cybernetics.
At the same time, after the falling of the Berlin Wall, several countries started to divide, searching for cultural roots and links stronger than some political or even economic relations that worked under some restraint. This kind of “geocultural” transformation spread over the world and manifold people are still looking to find their “collective intersubjective meaning” that binds them. So, under the view of Complexity, we can see intersections among several factors: net globalization, conventional globalization, arising of cultural roots, “democracy” of mobile phone, global environmental crisis, etc… Maybe we could call this a kind of “metaglobalization”…   

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