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G-zero of Stiglitz and after-postmodern

In Project Syndicate Joseph E. Stiglitz wrote about The World Economic Forum’s annual meeting in Davos this year. He remembered that before 2008 “the captains of finance and industry” could speak about a “new era of relentless growth” that could reach everyone since “the right thing” would be done.
Now that things are changed, the debate in Davos is not anymore the same. The emerging countries are not looking the advanced countries as they did before.
Economic inequality was the topic that concerned more the assembled leaders, according to Stiglitz’s text.
The meeting had more problems than solutions to focus, even with some good perspectives from the developing countries point of view.
International organizations that were supposed to solve the unemployment are in paradoxical conditions, between fine speeches and no action, or between questions of political unification and the hypothesis of each country search for its own solution.
Stiglitz concludes that today G-7, G-8, G-20 are not working anymore and we see now a kind of G-0 (G-zero), meaning the absence of leadership.
The postmodern globalization seemed very efficient before the crisis. Now it shows the end of efficiency.
Maybe the “G-zero” can help to work with new paradigms in the era of “after-postmodern” to find new bindings among human communities.

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