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The After Post-modern Paradigm of Thomas Kuhn

In 1962 Thomas Kuhn wrote about his ideas of scientific paradigms and scientific revolutions, explaining that the History of Science is not linear and continuous but it has ups and downs under changing models.
Kuhn thought that his paradigm could be useful to understand the history of Hard Sciences. He was not sure about the adaptation of the structure of scientific revolutions to other fields of knowledge.
Anyway it is interesting the exchange of methods to analyze and understand the process of knowledge.
But, the “Post-modern way” made the Kuhnian Paradigm becomes a kind of “tool”; a tool to apply to achieve any capitalist aim. It became only a concept “to force” things to be the way we want to be, but not the way the things really are…
How can we “force” History to change under new paradigms? Changing comes with the movements of History. Paradigms are detected when we analyze changes.
So, the use of “paradigm” for everything, in the Post-modern times, was just a name of a game of “new beginnings” in economy or even in life…
It was so because the Post-modern Times were times of “efficiency”, and this use of paradigm was efficient.
But, in After Post-modern times the efficiency of that paradigm is gone, although the Kuhnian Paradigm is still alive!
A paradigm is something that happens anyway; it is not a thing that we can manipulate under our desires. Maybe in After Post-modern we can learn to read the flow of paradigms instead of try to control it.

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