sábado, 7 de julho de 2012

after-postmodern social bindings

The economic crisis is the same since 2008.
It is not only "economic" or even political, but it has other "transversalities".
Under a complex approaching we can see that history is in a bigger change that we could first suppose.
Each human community is looking and discovering its own roots at the same time that communication and deal among human beings is easier than ever.
People are looking for their own identity. This identity has universal bindings but it has also local, ancient and sometimes almost lost bindings.
After the end of the Cold War, step by step human communities are discovering aspects of their identities that was repressed under political power and other factors.
This segmental process is a movement in the pendulum of history.
In the end of the Roman Empire the occidental nations were divided in smaller groups linked more by cultural   aspects than the former political and economic binding with the empire.
We cannot say that we are going to a "new feudal era", but the pendulum of history shows that there is a moment for humankind to look back to inner collective values and not just to external economic bindings.
Maybe this is a side of the crisis that could be better understood under the after-postmodern complexity. 

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