domingo, 3 de junho de 2012

after-postmodern problems, after-postmodern solutions

Henri Bergson wrote that we will be free when we formulate a problem instead of simply receive it already formulated. 
Thomas Kuhn wrote that a paradigm conditionate the formulation of the problem and the formulation of the solution. Most times that we read this we do not pay attention to the word "problem", we only pay attention to the word "solution". We can also replace the word "problem" with the word "question" and we can replace the word "solution" with the word "answer". It is a similar thinking.
So, we are conditioned to see a problem or a question only under the current paradigms.
But we are in times of changes...
Kuhn also wrote that when a paradigm cannot have anymore answers or solutions it is time to rise a new paradigm.
In after-postmodern era it is more and more difficult to use the postmodern paradigms to solve the problems.
We must read or write questions and problems with new formulations.
Maybe there are not only "global" problems. When we think only in global problems we do not see the "local" problems. 
So, transdisciplinary, we can see at same time global and local problems. But, in after-postmodern, maybe it is a liitle more important to look to the "local" problems, because we have the bias to forget a apparently "small" problem when we have a bigger...
Maybe we should ask to each community: "how the current crisis affect you ?" "What do you think that could be the solution for your local problem?"

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