domingo, 20 de maio de 2012

Crisis: still the same... Let's open the door to afterpostmodern

Some people say that there is a new crisis in 2012... Well, that crisis actually started in 2008. 
Since then it is the same crisis with variations through the years.
There is a discussion around "austerity".
Maybe no one could say that would start from now a life without any austerity envolving struggle for existence...
But in another hand, as it's used to say in a methaphoric way, the medication cannot be too strong because it can kill the patient together with the germs.
The solution can be between strong austerity and its opposite.
The key to the the solution can be in a variety of mesures and not in just one mesure.
Those mesures can come from a transdisciplinary vision of the crisis, and not just from the discipline of Economy or even from just one line of economic thinking.
Maybe the opposite sides, or the different sides, need to talk much much more...

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