quinta-feira, 19 de abril de 2012

Consumer: the new old citizenship...

In modern times, from 1800 to 1950, products were made to last and people dreamed and searched  first to be a citizen than to buy things. 
In the second half of the 20th century the "concret dreams" replaced the subjective aims. So, the postmodern brought more and more dispensable products and "to consume" became a verb to exercise like a kind of sport.
In the "after-postmodern" with the end of bipolarization of the world and the multilaterality of economy, almost everyone want to become a "world citizen" or, in other words, to become "a consumer". 
Freedom became "a capacity ro buy things" as anyone of the so called rich countries. 
Maybe in a certain way it is true... But also maybe it is true that it could be more important to be "first a citizen" and to be on control of what to buy, than to blindly follow advertising.
Of course there is ethic advertising... or there ethic "anything"... 
And that is the reason because we say that in the after-postmodern times there is a space for Ethics to come before other values, because in after-postmodern that other values maybe are still necessary but not anymore sufficient to achieve what people need to live well...


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